At Imagine Dietitians we pride ourselves on following an individualized approach with each patient. In-person consultations are usually the best option as we can do a complete nutritional assessment. At the initial appointment we will do the following:



  • Medical history
  • Anthropometry, using an InBody scale, if indicated (weight, height and circumferences)
  • Diet history
  • Environmental factors (occupation / working hours / appliances available, etc.)


  • Determine specific goals applicable to yourself
  • Break goals down – using ‘SMART’ principles

Discuss handouts

Give information and guidelines on how to achieve goals

Make follow-up appointments

Email summary after session

Information and summary is tailored to an individual’s specific goals, needs and diagnosis and can take up to 5 working days to complete. Completed documents will be emailed to client.

We are a cash based practice. You will receive an invoice after the session and can claim back from your medical aid.


Initial Assessment: (60 minutes) R925

Follow- up Assessment: (20 – 30 minutes) R535

Vitality Assessment: R535

Additional resources / meal plans: Extra charges apply