Travelling to a new destination is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and try new foods. When on a healthy eating plan this can oftentimes be very daunting, but it can be done!


Find out what the most popular local healthy foods are beforehand and try to eat foods that are in season in the area that you are travelling in.


Is your accommodation self-catering, do they provide meals or will it be necessary to rely on restaurants or takeaways? This needs to be taken into

consideration when planning your meals. If you will be staying in self-catering accommodation, make sure to stock up the fridge with healthy goods.


Budgeting your meals beforehand can ensure you don’t go off the track with unnecessary snacks and expensive meals.


When flying choose meals lower in refined carbohydrate. Choose rice and vegetables rather than pasta and noodles and skip the dessert and bread rolls. Drink enough water on the plane and remember to walk around every few hours depending on the length of your flight. See our blog post about flying healthy.


All restaurants have healthy side options. Instead of chips or onion rings rather opt for a side of veggies or salad. This way you can still enjoy your main meal and ensure that you get your daily dose of veggies. It’s all about balance.


Sharing meals is a great way to try new foods and keep to your budget. Furthermore, it’s a great way to prevent overeating in places with large portions *cough cough USA*

Tapas are and meze are great styles of group meals that have many healthy options.  


On arrival at your destination make sure to buy healthy snacks to keep in your bag for active days and times when you don’t have time to get a meal. If you plan on hiking in your holiday snacks are essential for sustaining energy levels. If your destination is remote and doesn’t have supermarkets you should plan and buy snacks before departing your home country. Check out our social media accounts for tips on healthy travelling snacks.  


Rather walk Instead of taking public transportation. Walking is a great way to see a city and get a feel of the local vibe. Walking can also save you quite a few bucks (especially in Europe!)


Try to do a medium to high intensity exercise at least twice a week while on holiday. This can involve going to a gym, taking a run, swimming laps in the pool, joining a Zumba class or participating in a sunrise yoga on the beach. Group exercises are a great way to meet new people as well!


We often forget to drink enough water when we’re on holiday. Take a large water bottle with you on vacation; I take my Nalgene 1L bottle with me everywhere I go. Make sure you fill it up every morning and take it with you every day.

Lastly, you should try to eat healthy while on vacation, but you should also experience new foods so go and enjoy a Nutella crepe in Paris, a Nasi Goreng in Bali, a hot dog In New York, tacos in Mexico City, pizza in Rome, dumplings in Beijing or Baklava in Turkey. It’s all about balance!