One of my highlights over the past few months was Checkers’ “Little Garden” initiative that was introduced to South Africa. WOW, what an amazing initiative – it was so much better than the previous ‘spend R150 and get free’ initiatives. No more useless plastic toys lying around the house, increasing the choking hazard for small babies, no more children screaming because they need one more colour or one more grocery item that they will do nothing with.



Finally an initiative that teaches children about something important, something with purpose – gardening, growing your own food! And plus side – no plastics! Everything is recyclable. We managed to get a few containers and I am nursing our plants with love and care. I check on them every so often just to make sure they are well hydrated and not too hot or cold. Childlike excitement creeps over me when I see how they have suddenly grown overnight.


Whenever we visit friends with children we first have to see how their garden collection comes along, what they have exchanged recently with friends and which plant will be harvested first. In a few days / weeks and months there will be a lot of households with their own herbs and vegetables in the pot! And hopefully some of the plants will last a few years!


If you missed most of the rush, like us (we got married and went on honeymoon), don’t worry – there are a few nice alternatives that you can try:


Reel gardening ( have a variety of plants available. You can choose between a few pre-packaged options, like a winter vegetable box or a bee food box. What makes this product so great is that the seeds (with nutrients) are placed in a biodegradable medium, evenly and accurately spaced from all sides to ensure proper growth. You only have to put it in ground (direct or in a pot, outside or inside) and water as needed. It even says when you should plant, how much water to give and how much sun / shade the plant needs! This is great as a gift for a family member or friend that loves gardening or as an activity for the young ones.



Microgardens ( also have a variety of plants available, from hanging garden to indoor herbs. You can order it in a grow bag – no need to dig holes or replant.


Why not start this year with your own vegetable and herb garden? Share some pictures and let us know how it comes along!