This is an easy to make, fresh summer salad that includes a variety of different foods that covers all food groups.  Sounds fantastic right?


(Serves 6)

Cajun Salad Dressing

200ml ,Plain Yoghurt.

100ml, Mayonnaise.

3-5ml, (or to taste)Cajun Spice.


1kg, Turkey meat, shredded.

250ml, Red, green & yellow bel pepper. Cut into strips.

300ml, Pineapple pieces.

100g, Sugar Snap Peas.

150ml, Frsh Grapes

3 Tbsp, Roasted Sesame Seeds

4, Spring onion, chopped.

1 bag, assorted fresh salad leaves.


Salad Dressing:

mix all of the salad dressing ingredients together and keep separate.


mix all of the remaining ingredients together except for the salad leaves and the turkey.

Place the leaves in a salad bowl and arrange the salad ingredients on top of the leaves. Place the shredded turkey on top of the salad. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the turkey and add a big dollop of the salad dressing on top


Alternative: Chicken can be used instead of turkey

Vegetarian: Add chick peas instead of turkey