Hearty Oats

Hearty Oats

Serves 2 Adults

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. You can keep things interesting by alternating the recipes below. It also ensures that you consume a healthy balanced meal before leaving for work or school. PLUS – it is perfect for the colder months.



¼ cup Oat Bran

½ cup Oats, Instant

1 – 2 cup Water, Boiling (More or less)

½ tsp. Cinnamon

Pinch of Salt

½ tsp. Butter / Margarine (Optional)

1 ½ Tbsp. Seeds, mixed (Sunflower- / Pumpkin- / Flax- / Linseeds)

Drizzle of Honey

Combine all the ingredients – water can be made more or less depending on the requested consistency of the oats. Finish by adding the seeds and drizzling a small quantity of honey over the oats.


The oat bran and oats has been linked to lowering cholesterol, the cinnamon assists with improved blood glucose control, the seeds contain proteins and mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, this leads to an increased feeling of satiety and honey has antibacterial properties that can soothe a sore throat.



  •  Use half of the oats and top with ½ grated apple and 1 tbsp. seeds
  • Use half of the oats and top with 1 tbsp. seeds and 1 tbsp. raisins
  • Use half of the oats and top with a mixture of fresh fruit (½ cup each) and 1 tsp. desiccated coconut or seeds