Yields 4 portions


4 chicken fillets, deboned

45ml fresh lemon juice

15ml olive oil

30ml sherry, muscadel or port

60ml fresh basil, chopped

OR 5ml dry basil

15ml fresh origanum

OR 2.5ml dry origanum

5ml fresh thyme

OR a pinch of dry thyme

10ml fresh dragon, chopped

30ml fresh parsley

OR 5ml dry parsley

2 fresh garlic cloves, crushed



Place a sealable plastic bag in a mixing bowl. Place the chicken breasts inside. Pour the lemonjuice, oil and sherry over the chicken. Add the herbs and garlic. Close the bag and mix well to make sure the chicken is coated with the sauce. Let the chicken marinate for 24 hours in the fridge and turn throughout the day.

Throw the sauce out and put the chicken breasts in the oven or on a fire until done. Ladle the marinade over the chicken breasts to prevent it from drying.